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Sample Itineraries for Hotel Barge Aurora

For the 2024 barge season, the Hotel Barge Aurora will be cruising exclusively within Holland. Barging in Holland in the Netherlands begins in the Spring beginning March 24th. They then continue barge cruises in Holland throughout the summer, and finish their season on October 19th.

In 2025, Aurora will resume their previous calendar of Dutch Tulip Cruises in the spring, followed by a three-country cruise from Holland through Belgium to France. Summer and Autumn barge cruises will be in the Champagne region of France. At the end of the barging season in October, they will offer a reverse three-country cruise from France to Holland.

— HOLLAND 2024 & Spring 2025 —

Standard cruise

Dutch Tulip Cruise: between Schiedam (Rotterdam) and Alkmaar

Themed cruises

Dutch Bike and Barge Tour / Cycling Barge Cruise

Dutch Golfing Cruise

— FRANCE Summer & Autumn 2025 —

Standard Champagne cruise

Champagne cruise: between Paris (Château Thierry) and Châlon en Champagne

— 3-COUNTRY BARGE CRUISE: Spring & Autumn 2025 —

14-night 3-Country Barge Cruise

Holland - Belgium - France in the spring. Reverse direction in October.

Inquire if interested in one-half of cruise.

NOTE: These are sample itineraries. Themed cruises are for charters only.

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