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Barge Cruise Comments for La Nouvelle Etoile

Barging in Holland - April 2024

Hotel Barge La Nouvelle Etoile - Barge cruise comments

We received wonderful comments from clients just returning (April 2024) from their barge cruise in Holland with La Nouvelle Etoile. The charter was a family group of eight: three couples, and a mother (Joan) and her son, Ford, a man in his 30s with cerebral palsy. We have permission to share their charter review with you.

First of all, let me thank you for all you did in helping us with our booking and taking the time to answer numerous questions. Your assistance to Joan and Ford helped in our decision to book OUR barge trip. Truly a trip of a lifetime and one we will never forget.

The La Nouvelle Etoile was/is a truly rated 6-star barge. Absolutely exceeded all of our expectations. The staff and owners were all delightful, full of fascinating information and made us all feel welcome the entire time – from embarkation to our very early departure.

The accommodations on board were comfortable and very private in the staterooms. The community areas were so comfortable and welcoming. The meals and service went above and beyond anything we could have hoped for. The menus were great – thought out so we could try local cuisines but so over the top in taste and presentation. Let's just say, we all went home a bit heavier. Honestly, the food and wine and the service, totally impressive.

The staff was totally engaging and very friendly. Always there to assist if we needed something and helped with the smallest detail. Even our personal laundry was folded if it was left in the dryer. Just absolutely the best hosts.

Having the van and the private tour guide was also such a great experience. Frank was an absolute wealth of knowledge – totally enhanced any excursion we had. Also funny and down to earth and made all of us look forward to going with him. The excursions were great—again varied and so interesting.

Now for Ford. What a GREAT experience for him and for Joan. The staff truly bent over backwards for his needs. From getting him into his stateroom, getting him transported on and off the van, his food… there cannot be any other trip that could ever top this. The staff and owners thought of him at ever turn. From the hosts getting any thing he might need, to the chef preparing an extra meal or food to feed him, to Frank scouting out the accessible ways to get him on tours, to the captain and crew getting him on and off the barge with the littlest of fuss to Lisa spending time with Joan and making sure Ford's needs were met. I know I'm repeating myself but the experience with the way they treated him was/is so above and beyond what was expected of them. Joan had a truly memorable trip – something she needed and looked forward to and again, they just HIGHLY exceeded all of our expectations.

Thank you again for all of your help. It was a great week for all of us. I would and will recommend La Nouvelle Etoile to anyone. Just a fantastic trip.

Wow, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences. She hopes her comments will help others who are considering a barge cruise on La Nouvelle Etoile whether you have someone with physical limitations or not. Either way this barge is an excellent choice.

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