Luxury barge cruise vacations on the French hotel barge SAVOIR VIVRE. Discover the beauty of Burgundy as you glide through the countryside of Bourgogne, France French Hotel Barge SAVOIR VIVRE Canal de Bourgogne Burgundy France

French Hotel Barge SAVOIR VIVRE
Cruise the Canal de Bourgogne, Burgundy France

Meet The Crew

Savoir Vivre has three crew members: Captain, Tour Guide, and Hostess. In addition, there are the catering chefs who prepare the lunches, as well as the dedicated service you will receive at each of the chosen restaurants.

Richard - Your Captain

Savoir Vivre crew -Richard
It is no exaggeration to say that Richard Megret has become the "face" of Savoir Vivre. Guests adore his professonal and personable style combined with good sense of humor and inimitable charm. If you look at the guestbook, you'll notice "laughter" features consistently. Richard makes the Savoir Vivre one of the most pleasurable barges to be on anywhere.

His 20-year barge resume reads like a Who's Who of Ultra-Deluxe barges including chef and other crew roles. Richard is highly experienced within barging and is the latest in a line of Megret family members to become a captain of his own barge.

With an extensive knowledge of barge cruising and the expectations of those who appreciate living life with savoir vivre, Richard is the ideal host for your cruise.

Laura - Your Guide

Savoir Vivre crew -Laura
Laura has been exploring French life and culture on hotel barges since she was 20 years old. Her background in history and a deep (and ever-deepening) love affair with France led her to become became a Tour Guide with a reputation which others struggle to match. Guiding roles on deluxe and ultra-deluxe barges demonstrate this.

Following a break from barging to start a family she decided to return to the fold to re-ignite her Guiding passions.

Laura reflects: "I was so pleased to learn of the Savoir Vivre, their new format is exactly in keeping with what I find guests are increasingly interested in — authenticity, adventure, quality and elegance. Less stuffy formalities and more "real France" experiences. I didn't hesitate when I learned of an opportunity to join the team. Burgundy is a hidden gem of France and I look forward to sharing this with our passengers aboard Savoir Vivre."

Justine - Your Hostess

Savoir Vivre crew -Justine
Justine hails from the famous Chablis region, so a warm Burgundian welcome is guaranteed.

She's a natural, charming, intelligent person who, above all, is an exceptionally pleasant person to be around. She also has a meticulous eye for detail.

Justine will charm you during your voyage aboard the Savoir Vivre, that is a certainty.

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