Barging in France:
Luxury barge cruise vacations on the French hotel barge PROSPÉRITÉ cruising the Canal de Bourgogne in the Burgundy region of France
French hotel barge PROSPERITE - Canal de Bourgogne Burgundy France - ParadiseConnections.com
French Hotel Barge PROSPÉRITÉ
Discover the Beauty of the Bourgogne Region of France
with a cruise along the Burgundy Canal

French Hotel Barge PROSPERITE - ParadiseConnections.comEnjoy the unparalleled history and beauty of the Burgundy region in France aboard Prospérité — 150 vineyards, cellars and wine traders in the region are open for sampling and more than 32 fine restaurants bear Michelin stars, including four 3-star establishments.

A Prospérité barge cruise offers some of the largest rooms and highest level of amenities you will find on any of the barges in France. Enjoy the space and comfort of luxury accommodations.

French Hotel Barge PROSPERITE - ParadiseConnections.comTime seems to stand still as the barge slowly motors by quaint stone churches and well-kept houses, periodically pausing at moss-covered locks, as it makes its leisurely way from one town to the next. You can catch up on your reading on deck, enjoy a delicious, well-prepared repast from the fully equipped kitchen or simply relax to the gentle sounds of water lapping against the hull, and enjoy the quiet sensation that comes with unplugging yourself from the 24/7 world on a luxury barge cruise.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, the Prospérité barge cruise features daily excursions in our accompanying Mercedes minibus into the surrounding countryside. You will explore the local chateaux or sip the wares of one of the many local vineyards. During the seven days and six nights of each excursion, the 128-foot long Prospérité will serve as your floating home. Expressly designed and constructed to meet the expectations of upscale travelers desiring to experience the luxury of barge travel in France, the newly launched craft features a level of accommodations unmatched on France’s inland waterways.

Barge tours are best enjoyed slowly, completely, fully. While you savor the taste of a crusty baguette whisked fresh from the oven, the exquisite bouquet of a glass of vintage burgundy or cognac, or the velvet texture of aged Camembert or Brie melting upon the tongue, luxiuriate on a French barge cruise. Take a week cruising centuries-old canals through the verdant fields and picturesque villages of provincial France.



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