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Luxury barge cruise vacations on the French hotel barge NYMPHEA cruising the Cher River in the Loire Valley, France
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French Hotel Barge NYMPHEA
Cruising the Cher River in the Loire Valley, France
Between Moulin de Nitray and Montrichard

Nymphea, a 6-passenger French hotel barge, is a classic Dutch design with little draft that makes her ideal for navigating the incredibly beautiful yet somewhat sandy and shallow reaches of the river Cher in the Loire valley. Her traditional ship interior features a warm classic decor of rich varnished hardwoods, stained glass and a welcoming country house atmosphere.

Nymphea has three comfortable cabins, two twin staterooms and one twin or double stateroom, all with air conditioning and en-suite facilities. Six bikes are always available for you to enjoy rides along towpaths and trails. Her crew of Captain and Chef/Housekeeper are most knowledgeable about the history in this beautiful area and are excellent hosts for your luxury cruise.

Discover the Loire Valley, France:

Hotel Barge Nymphea Slideshow - Loire Valley Barging CruiseWe are delighted to offer the only hotel barge navigating the heart of the Loire Valley. The Valley of the Kings is as rich in history and legend as it is in beauty, and over the centuries little has changed. The River Loire and its main tributary the River Cher have transported passengers and cargo for more than 2000 years.
There is much to discover in the Loire Valley, from the fabulous châteaux to the centuries-old villages dotted along the river. Wind your way through the narrow streets perhaps discovering hidden shops with hand-painted pottery or stumble across an open market. Meet a winemaker or a cheese maker and learn why his goat cheese is the most famous in France.

The proximity of such a wealth of gorgeous Renaissance architecture makes a cruise along this waterway a unique travel experience.

Cruise highlights:
  • Excursion to the Château D'Amboise
  • Cruise under the famed Château de Chenonceau
  • Visit a Troglodyte cave dwelling and see the silkworm nursery
  • Private tastings at Montrichard and Domaine de Fontenay
  • Visit Château de Nitray and its rose garden
  • Experience the colourful street markets
  • Excellent walking and bicycling
  • Optional hot air ballooning

Regional specialties:
  • Filet Mignon de Veau à la Bière et Moutarde
  • Selle d'Agneau au Romarin
  • Saumon et Friture

Wine cellar:
  • Château de Fontenay, La Reserve de Jean; 
  • Château de la Grille, Chinon; 
  • Domaine de la Renaudie, Touraine Blanc; 
  • Château de Nitray, Cabernet Franc, Les Meuriers

Cheese Board:
  • Valençay
  • St Maure de Touraine
  • Selles sur Cher


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