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Video of the Champagne Region of France

Enjoy a barge cruise along the River Marne which flows from Epernay to Paris, meandering through the beautiful region of Champagne. There is a multitude of vineyards spread across the undulating plains as far as the eye can see. There will be plenty of opportunity to sample the sparkling wine to which the region has given its name, including private tastings at renowned champagne houses.

A 3-minute video about a cruise in the Champagne Region of France aboard the Hotel Barge Panache

This is also a part of France that is rich in both modern and ancient history and during your voyage you will visit a number of significant landmarkes, châteaux and one of the finest Gothic cathedrals in the country where 25 kings of France were crowned.

As well as Champagne, the region is rich in other delicious products, such as mustard, and particularly its wonderful creamy cheeses, with the towns of Meaux and Coulommiers at its heart.

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