Hotel Barge ROI SOLEIL - Barging in France -

Cruising the South of France — Canal du Midi and Provence

Provence Cruise Itinerary Between Béziers and Avignon

French Barge Roi Soleil - Cruising the south of France

Day 1, Sunday: Meet Roi Soleil

Day 2, Monday: Rhone River - From Avignon OR from Vallabregues

Day 3, Tuesday: From Arles

Day 4, Wednesday: Petit Rhone river and Canal du Rhone à Sete

From Aigues Mortes:

From Cabannes du Roc:

Day 5, Thursday: Lagoon of Thau:

From Sète, easterly approach:

From Marseillan:

Day 6, Friday: Entering Canal du Midi

From Agde:

Day 7, Saturday: Béziers


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